What is a session like?

A session begins by taking a moment to arrive, to connect, to feel grounded in the present moment and present in your body.  


We will talk about what you want to focus on. Then we will move into expression, which can include any of the following:

  • art

  • movement

  • sound (voice, instruments)

  • collage

  • poetry

  • photography

  • free writing

  • sand tray

  • sculpting

  • drama

  • ritual

We may reverse the process, starting with art and seeing what comes up.  From there, we will move into a harvesting phase, where we listen back to what you’ve created and listen inward for new insight.  

You can expect me to hold space, use humour, offer suggestions, ask questions, listen actively and empathically, all within a safe and confidential atmosphere.

Your role can be to open up, listen in, create, express, say yes to challenge, say no when something doesn’t fit, and most of all be willing to experience your inner world.


We will start and end in a grounded place.


Booking Details

Sessions are offered in person at Sparrow Creative Counselling Centre in Edmonton AB, online via the secure therapy site doxy.me, or by phone. 


My services can be covered by some extended benefits plans.


Sessions typically range from 60-75 minutes in length to allow time for bridging into and out of the creative zone. 


Sessions are $120.  Sliding scale is available, please inquire. 


Contact me for questions and bookings.

My Approach

My style is informed by the following philosophies:

Person-centered - listening to YOUR inner compass

Somatic - learning how the body holds trauma and how it can become home again

Trauma-informed - understanding how the nervous system gets stuck in fight/flight/freeze and how to self-soothe

Post-modern - deconstructing and reconstructing identity, listening to the voices from the margins of self and society

Mindfulness - compassionately noticing without judgment

Gestalt - seeing what's coming up in the moment as a fractal of what's happening in the psyche

Depth psychology - honouring the protective impulses of the psyche and tapping into the collective unconscious

Transpersonal - connecting with the Great Big Nice Good (however you define that)

Existential - accessing meaning-making

Feminist - layering in contexts of historically contructed privilege

Acceptance & Commitment (ACT) - embracing unconditional self-love AND meaningful action, guided by your core values

Narrative - reframing and retelling the story of you, locating yourself within your hero's journey

Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA) - following creativity as a path to healing and reactivating joy








I am registered with the Alberta Association of Social Workers (ACSW) and the Assocation of Cooperative Counselling Therapists (ACCT).

Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Heather Frayne, BSW, RSW, RTC

MA in Expressive Arts Therapy

Pronouns:  she/her


Grateful to make my home in Treaty 6 Territory



Located at:

Sparrow Creative Counselling Centre

10004 79 Ave, Edmonton AB, T6E 1R5

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