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What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

What Will I Do

in a Session?

We are all born with a natural ability to create and to express. Expressive Arts Therapy uses art, movement, sound, poetry - any creative form - to express what cannot be said with words.


Creativity is healing and relaxing.  It can help us to release our emotions.  When we are using the active imagination, we access different parts of our brain, which can help us to find creative solutions to what we’re feeling stuck on. Often in the process, we discover images of support and inner strength, a voice that offers guidance and comfort.  


Expressive Arts Therapy works with the whole person: mind, body and emotions.

What Can Expressive Arts Therapy Do For Me?

The soul speaks in metaphors.  Art is a way to listen to this language.  Expressive Arts Therapy can help you to access:

  • Creativity

  • Intuition

  • Body wisdom

  • Healing

  • Joy

  • The ability to live with complexity

  • Compassion for self and others

  • Release from habitual patterns of being

  • New insight on old problems

  • Your most resilient self

A session begins by taking a moment to arrive, to connect, to feel grounded in the present moment and present in your body.  


We will talk about what you want to focus on. Then we will move into expression, which can include any of the following:

  • art

  • movement

  • sound (voice, instruments)

  • collage

  • poetry

  • photography

  • free writing

  • sand tray

  • sculpting

  • drama

  • ritual


We may reverse the process, starting with art and seeing what comes up.  From there, we will move into a harvesting phase, where we listen back to what you’ve created and listen inward for new insight.  

You can expect me to hold space, use humour, offer suggestions, ask questions, listen actively and empathically, all within a safe and confidential atmosphere.

Your role can be to open up, listen in, create, express, say yes to challenge, say no when something doesn’t fit, and most of all be willing to experience your inner world.


We will start and end in a grounded place.

Field Sunset
Autumn Leaves
Jumping in the Leaves

When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.  -Meister Eckhart

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